Ask United Nations to include Trauma Care to its Millennium Developmental Goals

Globally 5,8 million people are on fire. They die yearly due to trauma. This is the 11% of all 50 million deaths per year.

None of them is able to advocate his rights as after this severity of injury we are unable to circulate enough oxygen to our brain to  phrase «HELP». They are unable to choose their physician. Very few are able to pay, retrospectively, for the service they need. Although all of us are candidates none is anticipating this fatal blow of fate.

Most trauma victims are young and productive members of the society.

Our ability to save 2 million of those deaths through organized trauma management is proven.

In order for this to happen we need:

  • Specific inexpensive equipment for every basic health providing facility, globally.
  • Specific short duration training of the health provider.
  • Trauma registries
  • A trauma system that integrates basic and more advance trauma facilities in a referring system

Most national governments, despite the fact that treating trauma shows humanitarian sensitivity, don’t take this financial burden as they cannot realize that this is investment to the future.

Signing this petition we ask United Nations to include the trauma and the aforementioned measured actions to its millennium developmental goal no 6 which combats globally significant diseases.

Anticipating that this will have an additional political impact on national governments and the priority they give to trauma.

Supporting organizations:


ESTES – European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery